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How to Apply

Applications for accommodation are now open, please click here to apply.

In order to apply for accommodation you need your student number, if you do not have this please contact student records on 01904 772211.

After applying for accommodation you must pay a £300 security bond, this is payable by 31 August 2017. This fee is converted into the deposit which is used to pay for any damages, unpaid fees or losses incurred by Askham Bryan College during the occupation of the room. Returning students who have previously paid the Bond will be carried over from the current year.

Your pre-payment is payable on invoice from finance in August 2017.

If you have any financial queries please contact our Finance Team on 01904 772203.

We cannot guarantee a specific room or room type but we will try to accommodate any preferences wherever possible.

If we have insufficient accommodation we will give priority to students who live the furthest away from College as per our residential policy. Any student who is unsuccessful in obtaining a room at this stage will be placed on a waiting list.

Accommodation is offered for the academic year only and is subject to the terms and conditions of occupation which must be signed prior to the student moving into the room. Students in College accommodation are expected to abide by these rules and parents of students aged under 18 are also asked to read the College Residential Agreement and confirm they also understand the rules.

Please be aware that accommodation is for term time only. Students will not have access to their rooms outside published College term dates so during Christmas, Easter and Summer holidays they will be asked to clear their rooms completely. Students studying Further Education courses will also be required to clear their rooms during half terms in October, February and May. If their rooms are not cleared and permission has not been given by the Accommodation department for the student to leave their belongings in the room, then a charge will be applied for the duration of the holiday period. If the student’s course requires them to attend a placement or other course related activity during the holiday the student will need to book a room with the Accommodation department in advance, the additional cost will be charged to the student. They may still be required to clear their room and reside in a different room during the holiday period.

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Askham Bryan,
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