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Animal Management Level 3 (Middlesbrough and Saltaire)

This course covers a wide range of animal related modules with a strong focus on the biology, health, welfare and husbandry of animals in the first year and a greater emphasis on wildlife and conservation in the second year.

Animal Management Level 3 – Applied Science Pathway

Learn about animal health, wellbeing and care alongside the science underpinning it with this course, which teaches you the skills needed to work with various species, from reptiles to mammals.

Animal Management Level 3 – Zoo Collections Pathway

This pathway covers general animal management, with a mixture of practical and theory studies, before moving toward specialist zoo and conservation.

Animal Management Level 3 – Ecology and Conservation Pathway

Learn about wildlife health, wellbeing and habitats in this wide-ranging pathway for aspiring ecologists, conservationists and animal professionals.

Animal Management Level 3 – Companion Animals Pathway

On this course students will learn about animal care and develop the skills needed to care for and handle a variety of animals.

Practical Animal Care Skills Level 3 (Saltaire)

Learners will gain practical skills, develop sound working practices, and gain industry knowledge to help progression into higher levels of learning or into employment within the animal care sector.

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