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Introduction to Kayaking Skills and Techniques


Our 1 day Intro to kayaking course is ideal for anyone who wants to learn basic skills in kayaks. You might never have been in a kayak previously- have been on a taster session- or have perhaps only been paddling a few times and want to learn how to perfect your strokes and turns. If so then this course is for you


This course we have no fixed agenda other than to make you more comfortable in a kayak and get you moving around with a bit of style.  Please feel free to ask the coach(es) any questions during the session and they will try their best to tailor your needs into the session.

On arrival students receive a discussion about what they want to get out of the course 

  • Efficient forward paddling - so you can go further using less energy
  • Manoeuvring skills - so you can move your boat with confidence
  • Route planning - how to ensure you have a great day on the water
  • Kit to carry - what safety kit to take with you
  • Rescues and self-preservation - what to do if it goes wrong!
  • Fun and games to re-enforce your newly learned skills
  • Solid feedback outlining your next steps in paddling afterward

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Entry Requirements

Suitable for anyone aged 16 and up!

Askham Bryan College,
Askham Bryan,
YO23 3FR
01904 772277