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New! Askham Bryan Wildlife Park Vlog Series

Date: 20th April 2020

Virtually visit and learn with Askham Bryan Wildlife and Conservation Park

Weekly vlogs during national lockdown introduce lessons on animals and zookeeping 

What is an invertebrate? 
What’s a wallaby’s favourite food?
Which animal has the strangest poo?

Find out all this and more starting today when Askham Bryan College’s Wildlife and Conservation Park ‘opens its doors’ by rolling out weekly vlogs on their youtube channel featuring animals from their park and lessons about the different species, behaviours and care for animals.  The series will debut on Monday, 20 April with ‘What is a reptile?’ followed by episodes exploring amphibians, meeting some mammals and learning ‘All About Poo’, as well as a ‘Storytime at the Zoo’ segment where animal stories will be read in different animal enclosures. The vlog introduces the range of animals that reside at the Park and offers links to further learning activities for kids on the Park’s website and offered educational programmes in Animal Management at Askham Bryan College.

Caroline Howard, Askham Bryan Wildlife Park Manager, says, “At this time of year, we’d usually have lots of visitors and school groups coming in to learn all about our animals. During the lockdown we were looking for a way to still connect people to nature, especially now everyone is stuck inside. The wildlife park is a great way for us to develop the zoologists and conservationists of the future, and we’re hoping they’ll enjoy keeping in touch with our animals from home.”

Jo Richards, Askham Bryan College Curriculum Director, Animal Management and Equine, says, “With 50% of the UK owning a pet we are a nation of animal lovers; this makes working with them is an obvious career choice for many young people.  There are over 300 recognised jobs in the animal and related industries and with growing environmental concern it is vitally important the next generation are ready with the science, practical and other transferrable skills they will need as future custodians of the natural world.”  

The series can be found at the Askham Bryan Wildlife Park YouTube page.

It’s also linked from the website (, and available on the Askham Bryan Wildlife & Conservation Park Facebook Page (

Click here for further kids activities based on the vlogs 
Information about Askham Bryan College Animal Management courses can be found at

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