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Prices 2021/2022

Catered accommodation is available with a choice of two weekly food packages, Option A and Option B.

• Option A provides a food allowance of £37.50 per week
• Option B provides a food allowance of £52.50 per week

The amount will automatically load onto your combined ID and food card every week but please be aware that any money not spent at the end of the year is non-refundable so please make sure you spend it throughout the year.

Please see below for accommodation fees for 2021-22.

Type of Accommodation Annual Fee including Option A Catering Package (£37.50 per week) Annual Fee including Option B Catering Package (£52.50 per week) Annual Fee
En-suite Halls £5,712.00 £6,222.00 £4,437
Standard Halls £5,015.00 £5,525.00 £3,740


Financial assistance is available for students that can help to pay some of the accommodation fees. This help is means tested and based on household income. For more information please follow this link:


At the point of applying for accommodation you must pay a refundable deposit of £300 in addition to the accommodation fee. The College shall hold the deposit as security against dilapidations, breakages and unpaid fees for which the student is liable under their accommodation agreement.

Your full accommodation fee will be split into 9 equal instalments; the first instalment will be due on or before 20th August 2021, keys will not be released unless this payment has been made by 20th August 2021. This amount will be detailed on your invoice which the finance department will send to you at the beginning of August and can be paid online by following this link [].

The remaining 8 instalments can then be paid by recurring card payment from October to May.

Ways to Pay

Students can pay the accommodation fee in one of two ways:

Total amount in advance


9 equal instalments: First to be made before 20th August 2021 and remaining 8 instalments can then be paid by recurring card payment from October to May.

By signing the accommodation agreement the student or parent / guardian/ guarantor undertakes to pay the published charges for accommodation, it is therefore important to read the terms and conditions of the agreement before signing it. 

For those struggling to pay the full accommodation fee there are Residential Grants and Scholarships available which are assessed on a combination of household income and student ability, for details please see the Scholarships page or call Student Support Services on 01904 772201 and ask to speak to the Student Finance and Welfare Officer for more information.

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