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Numerous organisations offer scholarship schemes to prospective students, please find below information about some of the scholarships which relate to subject areas taught at Askham Bryan College. This is not an exhaustive list so remember to do research into what scholarships may be available to you.

James Herriot Foundation Trust Bursary (Veterinary Nursing Students)

The aim of the James Herriot Foundation Trust is to provide bursaries to help fund future generations of students in the field of animal welfare with their studies and support them through their vocational qualifications where it would make a significant difference, or to help fund specific projects that would not be possible without additional help for the individual concerned.

The Student Finance Officer will be responsible for managing and monitoring the process and distribution of the funds ensuring that appropriate records are kept.

Applications will be assessed according to the agreed eligibility criteria. The trust will be kept informed of what funds have been allocated and distributed.


• Bursaries are specifically for Vet Nursing and students studying in the field of animal welfare.
• Students must be studying and currently enrolled on a Further Education course at Askham Bryan College, students on Work Based Learning courses will be considered in addition to those on Full time courses.
• The awards are for those in significant hardship, and are therefore based on students financial circumstances, students must provide evidence of household income to support their application.
• Students must complete the application in full, providing all the information and evidence requested.
• Students must get their Course Manager to sign the application and submit a reference accordingly. Applications without an accompanying reference will not be considered.
• In order to receive bursary payments students must have good attendance and behaviour and meet the criteria specified in the college SSS16 policy.

The Student Finance officer will make all practical and reasonable efforts to determine which students are in greatest need, ensuring that the funds are distributed fairly through a process which is transparent, equitable and easily understood.
• Students must complete an application form fully and provide the supporting evidence as stated on the application form, in order for it to be assessed.
• Applications which are incomplete will NOT be considered.
• Funds are limited and awards from this fund will only be made where sufficient funds are available to do so, priority will be given to those with the lowest income / highest demonstrated need.
• The funding will be allocated for the current academic year, and funding cannot be guaranteed for subsequent years. If funds are available for subsequent years then an application form would have to be completed accordingly.
• Students will be informed in writing of the result of the application within 28 days.

• Successful students will be paid in accordance to the Colleges other learner support funds.
• Students will be paid in termly instalments, payments will be made at the end of Spring Term and the end of Summer Term.
• Payments will be made direct to the students via a BACs transaction.
• Communication – The Student Finance Officer will liaise with the trustees (main contact), regarding to the awards made, and provide a testimonial from each student to the James Herriot Foundation for Marketing purposes.

James Herriot Foundation Trust Bursary Application form is available at the bottom of the page

Holbeck Holbeck Charitable Trust Scholarships

The Holbeck scholarship gifts of £1,250 are designed to reward students in year 13 who have successfully progressed to competitive universities in the face of adversity.

The scholarships are administered by the University of York, but Year 13 students are eligible to apply regardless of which university they are hoping to attend in autumn 2018.

The deadline for applications is Sunday 20th May 2018.

Many thanks to those teachers who have already promoted this scholarship to their students and completed the teacher statements, it is greatly appreciated.

Please note the application form is now online and for more information please find the website URL below:


The Edgar Pye Research Scholarship

The Edgar Pye Research Scholarship supports the undertaking of original agricultural research. This scholarship is available for any student studying agriculture at a higher education level. For further information and to apply, visit The Society of Feed Technologists website.

The Helena Kennedy Foundation Scholarship

The Helena Kennedy Foundation awards are designed to support those in further education to progress to higher education, to improve chances of success in further study and to increase employability when moving from higher education to work. To find out more and apply, visit the Helena Kennedy Foundation website.

The Holbeck Trust Scholarship

The Holbeck Charitable Trust Scholarship is available for further education students who are going on to study a higher education course within the College. The scholarships are not intended to fund any particular aspect of the student’s life. We are keen that students view the scholarship as a reward for their hard work and commitment, perhaps in the face of adversity, and successful progression to university. Guidance notes and the application form can be found at the bottom of this page. For further information, visit The Holbeck Trust Scholarship website.   

The David Colegrave Foundation

The David Colegrave Foundation (DCF) is a registered charity supporting the development of the ornamental horticultural industry in the UK by offering scholarships to those who are set on a career in horticulture.  Opportunities are open to students completing horticultural courses in the UK, as well as former students who are in the early days of their horticultural career. Scholarships on offer include student awards as well as several others that are sponsored by major horticultural companies; in addition to funding, these can provide work placements and the chance to travel. For further information and to apply, visit The David Colegrave Foundation website.   

The Henry Plumb Foundation

The recently launched Henry Plumb Foundation (HPF) offers applicants financial support, mentoring  and supervision for business and research proposals. Henry Plumb, known to many in the agricultural industry, is a personality who has shaped the industry; from NFU President in the 1970s to European Parliament President in the 1980s, from leading marches on Whitehall to creating and leading the International Food and Agriculture Trade Policy Council championing equitable and open trade, Lord Plumb has raised the profile of UK Agriculture over many decades. He has given much but wants to do more for young people and create a lasting legacy, providing a “leg up”, opening eyes to opportunities, providing access to influencers to match the drive and enthusiasm of youth.

The target of The Henry Plumb Foundation is to provide scholarships and bursaries to young people and a mentoring network, all to deliver against key aims:

• To identify and encourage young people who've shown they have natural skills and ability as communicators and potential leaders in the field of food and agriculture.
• To provide the means to enable them to hone their "skill set" and encourage them to think broadly, constructively and laterally enabling them to present ideas which will become part of the policy which drives future food, agricultural and environmental development.
• To provide the means by which they learn the importance of understanding regional, global and political influences on food production policy.
• To foster the recognition in young people of the importance of working with others, to develop  the "team approach" in order to influence the common good.
• To encourage and mentor young agricultural entrepreneurs who without such help would have difficulty in achieving their goals.

For further information and to apply, visit The Henry Plumb Foundation website.

Royal Welsh Agricultural Society Ltd (RWAS Scholarships) Sponsored by Waitrose

This fund provides the opportunity for students to apply for up to £3000 in fees to help them progress from their Foundation Degree into an Honours degree programme. Normally the applicant's family will have been a resident in Wales for a period of at least five years immediately prior to the date of application.  Application forms are available from the Student Support Office.

The Lironi Training Fund

Perennial’s Lironi training fund was established in 2009 with the support of a generous legacy from the late Miss Joan Lironi. Bursaries are available for horticultural students and horticulturists. The fund recognises the need to encourage and retain horticultural excellence and the charity is making a long term contribution to the horticultural sector through the funding of a number of training initiatives. In keeping with the charity’s aims the initiatives are available to students  and in some cases those working in horticulture, who for whatever reason, are in need of financial support for training that is not available from any statutory source.

For further information and to apply visit the Perennial website.

Garden Centre Association Trust Scholarship

The Garden Centre Association Trust invites applications to support students who wish to gain qualifications and further their career in the garden centre or allied industries by attending a full time or part time National Diploma, Higher National Diploma or Foundation Degree course in Horticulture.

The award of up to £2000 per application is paid directly to the college towards the costs of course fees or accommodation costs.  Discretionary payment maybe available for other expenses. Prospective applicants must be at least 16 years of age and applications from mature students are encouraged.

Foundation Degree and Higher National Diploma students in receipt of an award will be expected to undertake a “dissertation project” which will benefit the Garden Centre Association or the garden centre industry as agreed with the college.

Details on how to apply are on the GCA website.

R B Massey Memorial Trust

The Trust offers bursaries for HE courses in the fields of horticulture, agriculture, engineering, veterinary science and technology. To be eligible candidates must reside in the Market Weighton area which includes the following locations: Market Weighton and the approximate area bounded by and including Hayton, Everingham, Holme on Spalding Moor, North and South Cliffe, North Newbald, Kiplingcoates and Londesborough. Please find more information about how to apply in the downloadable document below.

Deakin & Combe Memorial Trust

The Development Trust is pleased to advise you of an opportunity available to all students for assistance with the cost of further education who are:

  • Under 25 years of age
  • Studying or about to study an agriculture related course in the academic year 2016/17
  • Whose parent(s) have made a contribution to agriculture in England or Wales

Last year successful candidates received grants of £400 - £800 towards such items as laptops and books, a significant sum for any students whilst at university.

These grants are made possible by the continuing support of the Deakin family and that of the Trust of the late Nora Combe, the Deakin & Combe Memorial Trust having been first formed in 1944 in memory of George Deakin, Vice President of the NFU and Chairman of the Pigs Marketing Board, who was tragically killed in 1943.

Please telephone 02476 858574 or email to request an application form.


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Funding Opportunities

A number of funding opportunities are available through the following sources:

Universities Federation for Animal Welfare

Online Turf

Online Turf offers a privately funded scholarship for Agriculture & Horticulture students in college and university.

The list of eligibility requirements are as follows:

• Applicants must be enrolled in full time education studying an agricultural or horticultural course in university or college
• Applicants must study & reside in the UK
• The applicant is 18 years or above or has parent/ guardian permission

The application form & terms of conditions can be found on our site here: https://www.onlineturf.co.uk/scholarship.

Privacy Policy

Askham Bryan College is required under the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) to provide you with details of why we collect your personal data, what we do with it, who we share it with and how long we intend to keep it.  The personal data you provide will be stored and processed by the College to support your application for a scholarship.

Your personal data will not be subject to any automated decision making and all data will remain within the UK and European Economic Area (“EEA”) at all times. We hold personal data on paper and digitally on computer in accordance with the College data retention policy (see below for ‘further details’). This will be necessary for the purpose(s) for which we have collected it, and after that time the data will either be deleted or anonymised. In the case of applications for scholarships, the College will retain the data of unsuccessful applicants for two years and seven years for successful applicants.

You have the right to withdraw this consent to this processing at any time; but please note, that in the event you do, this could have consequences in terms of the College being able to provide you with scholarship funding.
By submitting this application you agree to the College processing your personal and sensitive data in this way.  You also agree that in the event you are under 18 years of age, the College may contact your parent, guardian or carer regarding this application.

If you have any concerns about how your data is to be used, you understand that you can contact the College’s Data Protection Officer at judith.clapham@askham-bryan.ac.uk or if necessary complain to the ICO at https://ico.org.uk/concerns/.
For further details about the use, retention and sharing of your personal data, how to change your consent to being contacted and your rights under GDPR, see  https://www.askham-bryan.ac.uk/the-college/college-policies.


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