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Be Covid Safe on Campus

Your safety and welfare is our main priority. We have implemented a wide range of safety measures to make sure we maintain a Covid-safe environment wherever possible. Please be aware that we will be constantly reviewing our measures and guidance to maintain the safest campus possible. We will revise our guidance on safety measures such as face coverings, social distancing in line with government guidance as and when changes occur.

Please read our Staying Safe on Campus Guide here, so you are aware of all of the measures we have put in place including when travelling to the College as well as on campus.

Please see our main Covid risk assessment and information on staying safe: Risk Assessment.

Want to know more about our Track and Trace Proceedure? Watch a short video here

What do I do if I feel unwell with Covid symptoms?

First and most important, if you have any the symptoms listed below, do not come into College.


Follow the government guidance and if in doubt ring 111 for advice.

If you come to College with any of these symptoms, or symptoms develop whilst you are at college, you will need to be picked up and taken home and should ring 111 for advice.

Who should I Tell?

SYMPTOMS: In the event that you have any of the symptoms listed above please notify the College immediately via our absence reporting page

TEST RESULTS: If you are required to have a test, please notify College via our absence reporting page of the result and tell us whether the test is positive or negative.

You should notify us if you are going to be away from College for any reason using our absence reporting page

It is vitally important  that you do so quickly if you have any of the symptoms listed above or you are self-isolating because you have come into contact with someone with symptoms, as it may potentially impact on the requirements for self-isolation for other students and possibly staff with whom you have come into close contact with.

Information about Isolating

If you are concerned understanding when and how to isolate if you or a family member have Covid-19 symptoms then click here for more information from the Government's Stay at home: guidance for households with possible or confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) infection Guidance

What if...?

Guidance as to what to do depending on your circumstance regarding Covid-19, click here to find out more. 

Knowing the symptoms

Colds, flu and COVID-19 all come with at least some similar symptoms - so how can you tell which is which?

Take a look at the table below for guidance:


Graphic Credit: BBC via World Health Organisation

General Information

The welfare of our college community is paramount in our decision making, along with supporting current public health advice; Public Health England (PHE)

Department for Education (DfE), Department for Education Coronavirus helpline on 0800 046 8687 or email,


Further up-to-date information is available at;

Our college's Covid-19 Return to Work and Study Information and Risk Assessment (as of 03.09.2020)

Top Tips for Mental Health

Askham Bryan College cares about our community and continues to support personal well-being and mental health. For advice and guidance, please click here.

Any further questions or something you're unsure about?

If you have any concerns, or questions that are not answered on this webpage, please email:

Askham Bryan College,
Askham Bryan,
YO23 3FR
01904 772277