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FE Tuition Fund Statement

Askham Bryan College is committed to ensuring that disruption to learning caused by this year's Covid 19 does not stop our students from fulfilling their potential. To assist in this, the Government has provided Colleges with funding designed to assist in overcoming this disruption.

Askham Bryan College will provide support and additional tuition to students who have been identified, or indeed identify themselves to take part in small group sized tuition in addition to their normal timetabled hours. 

Our college will provide support across English and Maths for those students re-sitting in-year. This will be in the form of revision classes in the lead up to exams, as well as offering small group tuition to support ongoing curriculum content.

We will also provide additional vocational tuition to those students who through disruption to training require additional assistance to ensure this academic year is successful and fulfilling.

Students will be allocated additional opportunities through their course managers, curriculum leads, and the English and Maths staff at the college.

Any Student wishing to enquire about additional tuition should in the first instance approach their Course Manager or English and Maths Tutor.  To be eligible for this tuition you should be aged 16-19 and have at least one of English and Maths graded at grade 4 or below.

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