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Update on the FE Commissioner’s Newton Rigg Strategic Review - Draft

 Just to note, this is the final version; there is an error on the template saying ‘draft’ in the headline – we’re trying to fix it.


At the end of December we messaged that there was still some on-going work searching for a potential next owner to take over Newton Rigg after Askham Bryan College stops delivering educational provision after July 2021. 

We said if any new options emerged to add to your choices at alternative colleges, we would let you know, but for now the process remains on-going.

However, all of the progression options we sent you previously about your ‘next-steps’ after the closure remain open to you.  We will shortly share details of an information, advice and guidance (IAG) virtual event we are putting on for you – “Progression Fair: alternative study options when Newton Rigg closes (July 2021)”. We will invite alternative colleges and providers along to offer their advice on your choices.

In the meantime, the Careers team and your tutors can help talk through your progression opportunities.

Reminder: for the latest NR Strategic Review updates and FAQs, visit the main website, and also make sure your contact details (and parents if under 18) are up-to-date on your college record.

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