Critically Endangered Snail back in England after 30 years

The Critically Endangered Glutinous Snail has found a new home at Askham Bryan Wildlife Park, based on the edge of York,ย  in a bid to breed and save the species from extinction.

During March 2024, staff at Askham Bryan made the journey to Snowdonia National Park, Wales where this species of snail can only be found in one Lake โ€“ Llyn Tegid. It is one of the most endangered animals in Europe.

Conservationist Ian Hughes from Life forms Art has been working with the snails in Wales for the last 10 years and has welcomed the Askham Bryan team to further continue this conservation project stating: โ€œThe snails have been extinct in England for 30 years, they are going to go into a very well cared for semi-natural pond, and weโ€™re very excited about itโ€.

Transporting the Glutinous snails back to England is very delicate work, at under 1.5cm in length and harbouring a delicate shell, great care is taken to ensure there is no damage to the snails as they move into their new home.

Lauren Lane, Conservation Manager, Askham Bryan Wildlife Park, stated: โ€œIt is imperative that we all work together to ensure there is a future for all species that live in freshwater habitats โ€“ 67 species of freshwater snail have gone extinct with a further 450 species threatened, protecting the waters they live in is key to their survival.โ€

The Snails will not be onย show to the public just yet, as the team work hard to ensure the species have settled in and have begun breeding successfully, however there will be a dedicated Glutinous Snail reserve outdoors for public viewing in the future.

To find out more about Askham Bryan Wildlife Park or book tickets, please visit their website or via social media @abcwildlifepark


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