Merging nature and technology with 360 video

Askham Bryan College redefines the classroom with 360 treetop view

Askham Bryan College arboriculture student Tristan Cross is climbing great heights to get the perfect shot for fellow learners. It is for the Yorkshire and Humber Institute of Technology (YHIOT) 360-degree video project, and he is using his skills to help develop immersive learning resources. Along with his tutor Dan Burdus and Chris Wright from the College’s Digital Learning Team, they are collaborating to create an interactive arborist learning experience.

Using a QooCam 8K 360 camera and a Zoom H3-VR Virtual Reality Audio Recorder, Tristan carried the camera into the tree top to capture a 360 visual experience from above. Using audio, Dan provided verbal commentary on arboriculture processes that matched Tristan’s video. The content will then go to edit using the college’s new £1 million Digital Skills Academy facility; the final cut can be viewed and played on the college’s Virtual Reality (VR) headsets. This content will provide a ‘pre-climb’ experience for students, creating immersive real-life subject-specific scenarios, authentic with full effect and safe enough to build confidence for budding learners. The Digital Learning Team will work with the teaching staff to add hotspots and touchpoints to create integrated 360 resources for assessments. The college will use these VR experiences to help better prepare students for the next steps in learning and enhance their course curriculum through these digital means.

Iain Glendinning, Vice Principal of Curriculum at Askham Bryan College says, “This project brings our learning resources to a new level. The college delivers a hands-on experience so that our students understand practical skills in their subject areas. To use new tools that enhance this experience and allow for endless variations of learning environment scenarios, we are offering completely transformed lessons with more diversified possibilities that further prepare them for industry.” 

The virtual 360-degree-video project is possible thanks to Askham Bryan College’s partnership with The Yorkshire & Humber Institute of Technology.  The college’s new Digital Skills Academy was funded by the York & North Yorkshire Getting Building Fund and has become a centre for the college’s digital resources and learning. The VR headsets have been provided by local business VISR.

Stacy Vipas, Head of Digital Learning at Askham Bryan College says, “The 360-degree videos can not only help students to learn, but to show the benefits of 360 technology in education and the world of work. We hope this is the first of many student-led 360 video projects throughout the college.”

Askham Bryan College Video