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Accessibility Report

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Bloom Digital

1 / Executive Summary
This report describes the conformance of the Askham Bryan College website with W3C’s Web
Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). The review process is described in Section 5 below and
is based on evaluation described in Accessibility Evaluation Resources.
Based on this evaluation, the Askham Bryan College website partially meets WCAG 2.1,
Conformance Level AA. Review results are available in Section 6 below. Resources for follow-up
study are listed in Section 7 below. Feedback on this evaluation is welcome.

2/ Background about Evaluation
Conformance evaluation of web accessibility requires a combination of semi-automated evaluation
tools and manual evaluation by an experienced reviewer. The evaluation results in this report are
based on evaluation conducted on the following dates: 12 October 2021. The website may have
changed since that time.

3/ Scope of Review
A selection of key pages were tested on a local development site prior to launch. Content may
have changed since launch. Content was also tested on a demo version of the site available to
Askham Bryan College.
● Home Page
● About Page
● Apply Page
● Course Profile Page
● Course Search Page
● Department Landing Page
● Further Education Landing Page
● Higher Education Landing Page
● News Listing Page
● News Article Page
● Open Days Page
All pages reviewed by manual and automated evaluation tools. Natural Language English.

4/ Reviewer
● Bloom Digital
● Natural Language English

5/ Review Process
● Level for which conformance WCAG 2.1 Level A, AA
● Bloom Digital are not responsible for alt tags, headings and link labels but
recommendations were made to ensure these meet WCAG 2.1 Level A, AA conformance for
on the published website.

● Evaluation tools used:
○ Lighthouse 6.4.0
○ WAVE Evaluation Tool 3.1.3

● Manual review process included checks for the following:
○ JAWS (desktop screen reader)
○ NVDA (desktop screen reader)
○ VoiceOver on iOS (mobile screen reader)
○ TalkBack (mobile screen reader)
○ Windows Magnifier (screen magnifiers)
○ Interactive controls are keyboard focusable
○ Interactive elements indicate their purpose and state
○ User focus is not accidentally trapped in a region
○ Custom controls have associated labels
○ Custom controls have ARIA roles
○ Visual order on the page follows DOM order
○ Offscreen content is hidden from assistive technology
○ HTML5 landmark elements are used to improve navigation

6/ Results and Recommended Actions
● This website appears to partially meet WCAG 2.1 A, AA
● Accessibility features in which this site is strong include: Interactive controls are keyboard
focusable, interactive elements indicate their purpose and state, custom controls have
associated labels, custom controls have ARIA roles, HTML5 landmark elements are used to
improve navigation
● Please see section 8 for the results of the evaluation tools. Where alerts are shown in Wave
results these were deemed acceptable
● We recommend that content editors at Askham Bryan College should constantly evaluate
new content that is populated by checking for alt tags and correct use of headings.
● Some videos may not have subtitles and captions because these videos were published
before 23 September 2020 and are exempt. Please email if
you require further assistance
● Not all images have alt tags
● Not all links are descriptive
● Forms created with Microsoft Office have low contrast and aria attribute errors

7/ References
Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Overview
Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1
Techniques for WCAG 2.1
Accessibility Evaluation Resources
Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools List
Using Combined Expertise to Evaluate Web Accessibility


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