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Over 99% of UK businesses are classed as small enterprises, these generate 49% of the UK private sector turnover (Guardian, 2014). Given this sizeable contribution the UK economy it is critical that small businesses and their entrepreneurial founders are given the ability to create, develop and be entrepreneurial.

Enterprise education in the UK is seen as, the process of equipping learners with the ability to create and develop business ideas, then have the ability to develop these ideas into successful businesses (QAA, 2012). At Askham Bryan College we support enterprise through a series of business modules on your intended course, expertise of staff specialising in enterprise and through hosting dedicated enterprise events.

As a student it is beneficial to be exposed to enterprise as this can give you a  range of life experiences and help you to develop your critical thinking, innovative skills, creativity, team work, reflective skills and develop the “can do” attitude that is often required to start up in business and sought after by many employers.

Enterprise is not just about starting up a business, it is about developing and acquiring skills, understanding problems and finding solutions to these, being able to manage money and being able to provide for yourself and others.

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