Stockmanship 2022 at Askham Bryan College

Askham Bryan College ran its annual Stockmanship Event with its college’s Agriculture students showcasing summative work in livestock study.

The stockmanship experience began this past winter with students choosing their animals for halter training and familiarisation with their surroundings. Through practical sessions, students worked alongside their lecturers and peers to learn how to independently train their livestock. By spring, their livestock was guided into the yard and fields for further haltering skills and training.Β  Leading up to the event, students finalised their preparation with grooming and presentation.

Fiona MacDonald, Head of Department of Agriculture at Askham Bryan College says, “Well done to all our hard-working stockmanship students for their patience, diligence and resilience.Β  They all presented the markings required for a career n Agriculture.”

Students have been awarded points since the start for dedication, punctuality and effort.



Askham Bryan College Video