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BSc/BSc (Hons) Conservation and Ecology (Top-Up)

On the BSc (Hons) Conservation and Ecology Top-Up degree, you will focus on recent advances in conservation and ecological sciences; including sustainability and environmental change

BSc/BSc (Hons) Canine and Feline Behaviour and Welfare (Top-Up)

The BSc/BSc (Hons) Canine and Feline Behaviour and Welfare (top-up) programme has aims to equip you with the knowledge and skills to enter jobs associated with canines and felines, with a focus around clinical animal behaviour.

BSc/BSc (Hons) Veterinary Nursing (Top-Up)

This ‘top up route’ is designed for students who have successfully completed a Foundation Degree in Veterinary Nursing. *Subject to validation for 2023 entry

Land-Based Service Engineer Apprenticeship Level 2

Those working in the Land-Based Engineering sectors work with the most technically advanced products including; GPS and telemetry, drones, robotics, autonomous vehicles and alternative fuel sources.

Certificate in Animal Nursing Level 2 (Blended Learning)

Learn the basics of animal nursing in this one-year course covering health, husbandry, exotics and nutrition. You’ll build skills through a mixture of hands-on tasks and theory at our dedicated animal learning centre.

Prince’s Trust

Helping change young lives, the Prince's Trust scheme is a 12-week personal development programme which aims to increase confidence, motivation and skills and as a result enable young people to move into employment, education, training, volunteering or apprenticeships.

Forest Craftperson Apprenticeship Level 3

The broad purpose of the occupation is to carry out the practical operations required to create, maintain and harvest forests and woodlands.

Arborist Apprenticeship Level 2

The arboricultural industry manages trees for their benefits and values in diverse urban and rural locations from city parks and urban woodlands, to country estates and private gardens.

Crop Technician Apprenticeship Level 3

As a Crop Technician you will be responsible for optimising crop/plant yields through establishment, management, harvest and post-harvest operations, while maintaining and improving the surrounding environment.

Land Based Service Engineering Technician Apprenticeship Level 3

As a technician you will typically have an understanding of the interface between machine, biological systems and the working environment for example climate, soil, plant and animals.

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